Over the last 24 years the sport clubs at LPC have had to raise their own funds to provide uniforms, travel, and other costs associated with competitive teams. Our annual fundraising program not only solicits donations, but educates our community about the sport of Ultimate. Donations are tax deductable ( #941670563 ) and sponsors are not obliged to continue their sponsorship. Sponsors, in exchange for their donations, receive our annual handsome disc (frisbee), have their name or business listed on all of our school promotional activities (programs, bulletin boards, etc.), receive updates on the teams progress (via email), are VIP guests for our home games (including our famous barbecue), and are part of a prestigious group of individuals who are providing an excellent opportunity for students to gain and learn from the valuable experiences of hard work, dedication, pursuit of excellence required by participation on a competitive team. Most of our current sponsors have been with us for years. Please feel free to contact any of them. We also encourage you to patronage them whenever possible.
To become a Sponsor of LPC Ultimate, Please Contact Us.

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